Welcome to Kitchen Newbie
After years of writing books on cooking and growing food, we decided to start Kitchen Newbie.  We didn't want to fill our podcasts with adverts, preferring to rely on our users to help us in a small way so that after a while, many small donations - for which we are really grateful, will mingle together to keep our project alive.

Currently we are populating our new website, kitchennewbie.com with recipes, videos and podcasts and we are hoping to start interactive broadcasting with our masterclasses very shortly.

We are really excited about this, either on internet radio or video we will be holding classes on all kinds of topics from cheese making to making sausages, preserving food and how to cook simple but wonderful meals from scratch.

Our audience is currently world wide, and this is reflected  in the recipes and techniques. 

We are particularly interested in how people have managed to put good food on the table in times of hardship or scarcity, after all, most of our food came from very humble beginnings. 

We do hope you will be able to join us in our journey. At whatever level you join us, we will welcome you just the same.