Welcome to Patreon!
Hello! Glad I can finally announce that I will be launching my own entertainment site called Sotafizz.com on Monday, June 5th! It's always been my dream to own my own collaborative network and share it to the world. 

What is Sotafizz? Sotafizz is a site that will highlight Philadelphia culture. There are many sub-communities that exist in this very city: Film makers, photographers, mural artists, musicians, chefs and so much more. I want to be able to create a platform to shine a positive light on the city, from a point of view if someone who was actually born and raised here. Along with Philly culture, Sotafizz will also be a platform that will cover topics on mainstream movies and television as well. Original shows and segments are in future plans.

Want to be involved? As mentioned earlier, I want Sotafizz to be a collaborative network. If you are a blogger, photographer, videographer, radio personality, on camera personality, web designer etc, I would love to work with you! You can have the choice to have be guest on the site (one time post) or become a team member. There are a few others on the team, but the more THE MERRIER.

Want to support? Simply sharing the word on Sotafizz is a HUGE help (especially if you are local). There are many people featured on Sotafizz that I believe people will LOVE. Another way to support is finance. Through http://patreon.com/sotafizz you have the choice to contribute as little as a dollar a month. All proceeds go towards keeping the website up and running, renting out equipment for videos/podcasts, tickets to venues/events for press coverages, studio space to hold special film screenings and music performances and also small giveaways that will be given to our audience.

Thank you. I am thankful for the people who've always supported me and the people who believed in Sotafizz back when it was only an idea. Y'all are the MVP's!

Want to stalk us? Sotafizz is now up and running on social media. We are on twitter, facebook and Instagram, just type in Sotafizz! You'll be able see posts about what is new on the website and things going down in Philly that you should be aware of! Also, right now on our youtube page (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFbJRUbmmarUYFyyO-PwXA), we have our first video uploaded! It is a very very very low budget concept video of a series we would like to do in the near future.

Again, thank you so much! Sorry for the long post, won't happen again, haha.