"Welcome To The Showroom" - A 360° Experiment
Hey all, this is my first attempt at creating something that feels unique to me.

I took about an hour or two out of my typical video editing, and set out to attempt some 360 Video production that didn't rely on specific hardware to create.

What I came up with is Welcome To The Showroom.

I created this video by layering in a short clip into what feels like a 3D environment.

Thanks for your time.

I'll finish this off by including some copy I wrote after seeing the result.


What have we discovered...

 Do you see them?

 The ghosts In the machine?

 The faces in the margins?

 I do.


 They call to me.

 They long to be a part of this world.

 As something bigger.

 As something better.

 As something stronger.


 My eyes met with a reality,

 That clashed with my understanding of life itself.

 How can I proceed,

 When the world around me is broken.

 Distorted among the timeline.