Welcome to the gaming experience!
I am one of many gaming and nerdy creators out there, and a search of this site alone, not to mention Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google will reveal a host, a horde, a CORNUCOPIA of people offering advice and inspiration on a variety of topics.

Want to learn how to start gaming? There's someone out there for that.

Want to learn how to optimise a "build" in the game? There's someone out there for that.

Want to listen to people play their games for hours at a time? There are podcasts and hours-long videos aplenty.

I offer another voice, a small voice, but one that is unique. My experiences as a British person, an immigrant, a native, a father, an avid reader, a student of philosophy, a tech geek, someone who has loved and lost and carried on regardless is what I bring to the table. I have a knowledge of the past and a hunger for the future, a compassion for people new to the hobby and an understanding of how to translate from one group to another.

So what do you get from me? You get me. Drew Murray. You get my Podcast, "In The Interests Of Pedantry" which isn't a game recording but a group of people including a scientist, an archaeologist and a weapons specialist (modern and medieval). We talk about roleplaying games with a focus on Dungeons and Dragons, what works, what doesn't and how to improve your games.

I make videos for my YouTube channel. Monthly content will be standard to start with, getting more frequent as my income from this expands to allow me to spend more time on it. These are talky-pieces where I'll rant about one thing or highlight another. Whether it's telling the world about a father who has painstakingly crafted a special character sheet and combat flow chart for his dyslexic daughter, or sharing my thoughts on why Wizards use spellbooks, it's my soap box and I'll shake my fist at the heavens if I want to!

I currently write articles for Nerdarchy. They're interesting, they're proving to be moderately popular and I'm currently providing this amazing content for free.

I run gaming sessions professionally, with my first online games behind me and my in-person demand growing as word of mouth spreads throughout the Yorkshire dales. 17 years of experience running games tailored to different groups and play styles, along with 12 of those years being supported by my acting experience on stage, screen and in a sound booth, equip me with what's needed to make your game memorable, excellent and well worth it. If you don't have the time, inclination, know-how or materials to run a roleplaying game for your friends, that's where I come in!

So you can see me, hear me, read my stuff or have me come to your home and run a game for you. Whatever it is I'm doing, I'm making the gaming community that little bit stronger, that little bit better. I'm not one of the big guns, and I'm not one of these well-established stalwarts of the business, but what I bring to the table is worth it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join me on this journey!