Welcome to the future!
Few weeks (months maybe) ago, at one night, I had just lay down to bed, then this idea came up to my mind. The thing which was  kind of disturbing, that it felt a bit like a revelation. Dark  silhouettes of people in gas masks, one was a child with a balloon. I got up, and did a sketch. 

I have this feeling, that I will live long enough to experience a  third world war, and it's gonna wipe out most of the humanity. All  nuclear and shit. It's gonna turn most of the Earth into a  post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

Although I can't exactly remember seeing this design before, I had a  feeling, that I did. It looks somewhat cliché. Like those stencil graffiti. So I searched "balloon gas mask" in google and found a similar design that I haven't seen yet. But since  an other person came up with the same idea, it's possible a third one  did too, which I might have seen once, then forgot it, and thought about  it as my own. Or it might be that humanity has some kind of common consciousness.
That's the story.

Looks like a jolly postcard or an album cover tho.