Welcome to Rafting
Welcome to rafting! If you are new to rafting, a first timer, or you are getting a group together and don’t know what to expect you probably want to know why would you go with a rafting company and what do they provide? Just show up and we take care of everything else. That is the mantra of any good rafting company.

Rafting is an adventure sport and there is a lot to think about before your first trip, but that’s the beauty of going with a rafting company you don’t have to worry about any of it. We sat down with our friend Tyler from H20 Adventures to take a look at what he provides to his guests on every rafting trip. 

Every guest receives 3 basic pieces of equipment:

1. A Paddle

2. A Personal Flotation Device (PFD, Coast guard rated for whitewater)

3. A Helmet

Beyond that Rafting Companies (or outfitters as they are known) offer a number of other pieces of equipment to help keep their clients safe and happy on the trip. Some other things that they offer are:

• Meals

• Camping gear

• Wetsuits and paddling jackets (to keep you warm)

One of the most important things an outfitter provides though is the Guide. Guides are there to take care of your every need on the trip. The will help you get down the river, teach you to paddle, tell you about the river ecology, and handle every detail of the trip. The guides handle the boats, logistics, and are trained and equipped with first aid/repair equipment.

Outfitters take care of every detail of your trip. Just show up and they take care of the rest. Learn more about getting on a river trip or book an adventure today at: https://www.raftingmag.com/trips/