Welcome to Patreon / Summer 2016 schedule

So, I've started this because my work continues to get more diverse and I want somewhere to aggregate it at all. If you showed up here despite not knowing me, welcome, you're great. What you should know is that I'm an artist and arts activist from Eagan, MN, I've been a photographer for close to a decade now, but recently I've been branching out into other things. You can expect to see lots of photography here, but also various other forms of art, from songwriting to screenprinting. 

Spring and Summer of 2016 are looking busy for me. I just got back from three weeks in Finland, Sweden, and Iceland, where I got a bunch of nice photos, and they'll be coming out as I get their final versions finished. I'm also, for the second year in a row, doing an exploratory personal program through the Continuing Education department at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I'm taking four classes this summer:

Building Contemporary Furniture

Outdoor Installation (Sculpture)

Open Edition (Print Shop)

Dimensional Papermaking

The print shop class is basically work time for my existing projects. The other three are completely new to me as a creator, though I've been developing interest in them as an appreciator. (Outdoor Installation specifically promises a kinetics component, which I found irresistible.)

I'm sure I'll also find time to produce some completely unrelated things as well, because that's how I roll. So you should look forward to seeing a lot of things as the Patreon moves forward. Keep watching this spot. While I'd love it if you subscribe, following my work will always be freely available.

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