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We are really excited to continue sharing content from students, scholars and activists on how we can continue to use our sociological imaginations to make sense of, come to terms with and survive society!

With our new *WEEKLY* format, Chantelle & Tissot discuss politics from a sociological perspective with guests each episode to reflect on the importance of anti-racist work and public sociology.  Expect episodes to arrive on your devices Tuesday mornings ready to start the day inspired & energised!

Academics we need your support!

We've had a few bits of financial support from generous allies along the way but the majority of the costs of the podcast have come out of our own pockets. This includes editing for each episode, audio hosting subscriptions, & a few trips to visit students and academics outside of London. 

We feel that the podcast is a useful resource for both teaching and research so we are asking members of the academy to support us so we can keep recording and travelling outside of London to reach more anti-racist workers, activists and scholars. To support the production of the podcast please consider joining our Patreon community 

By joining our Patreon community you’ll also be getting access to our *exclusive* new mini episodes– The T&C’s: the Terms & Conditions podcast with Tissot & Chantelle featuring extra discussions with guests and political reflections! Each episode arrive *weekly* on your devices via your Patreon frm 16th July 

We are so excited to share all this new content with you… topics to look out for this season = sociology of education, road life, widening participation, migration histories, bordering, medical research activism, ethnographies & more!

Don’t forget if you haven’t checked out the podcast before we have a back catalogue with 44 episodes available on Itunes/spotify & soundcloud -  https://soundcloud.com/user-622675754 

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