Welcome to October!
It's a new month and a new start to things. I'm excited about the stuff going into this month. That being said, I'm very very neck deep in a project I'm working on for Fire Opal (which, as mentioned in my prior update should be out by October 21st) so I'm going to limit myself to one project here this month. I apologize for that, but hopefully you'll see what I mean when that one drops. Higher patrons will be seeing their topic suggestion post in a short while.

In the meantime, Scourge of the Waves part 3 should be hitting your inbox tomorrow or Monday. I'm writing the last scene, which is a pretty big one, then I need to write the troubleshooting guide, which should be relatively small this month. I'm pretty happy with how the adventure has turned out, which makes me glad that I delayed until I got things figured out and didn't just half-ass them just to get it out. To misquote Shigero Miyomoto, a delayed product is eventually good, but a bad product is bad forever.