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Hello all you lovely gamers! I am now on Patreon and if you want to become my Patrons by all means come along! I love to do lets plays series that do really well and to keep up to gaming content! Sometimes can be hard you have to pay the bills after all. If you become my Patron for as little as $3 per month I will name you as one of my producers on the beginning of my video. I appreciate that money means a lot to everything but everything you donate will be used towards:

- I will be able to give some more back to the community through amazing giveaways!

- Purchase new equipment so that I can make better videos and in overall you will get some of that back through being a lovely gamer.

If you can't support financially that's not a problem share my videos and support my channel and spread the word because that helps just as much. Come along to the Patreon community post and share the post and spread the word.

Thank you for being part of my community.