Welcome to the Bloc!
We're so glad you're here!

A few notes here at the beginning of our Patreon's life:

1. We've nudged the video tier from $20 down to $15. We're just big-hearted suckers like that.

2. We're running a special here in our first month: pledge at the $10 level during the month of September and you'll get the handouts from EVERY Writers Bloc event held so far. Specifically:

  • Jaye Wells - Writing Hacks
  • Rosemary Clement - How to Pitch Like a Pro
  • Mark Finn - Being a Pro at a Conference
  • Tex Thompson and Jennie Komp - Wait! Before You Hit Send
  • Stephanie Barko - Building Your Platform (includes discount code for the DIY Book Platform app!)
  • Sheri Wells-Jensen - Dialogue for Non-Fluent Characters
  • Suzanne Frank - The Empty Quarter: Uncovering Act IIB
  • David Goodner - What to Expect When You're Expecting (a Book)

Beat that? How could you possibly. Got questions? Hit us up: [email protected].¬†Operators are standing by!