Welcome to the Development Blog
This is just an introductory post for the AntiBunny Patreon blog. Here I intend to do the following. First you'll find announcements of new comics. If comics are completed early, you'll also see them before they appear over on the main website. Next, and more significantly, this will also be a reward for patrons, as here I'll be uploading some exclusive concept art, that I typically don't show off, as well as my own thoughts on development of the blog. Lastly and most significantly I'll be developing the series bible here. This will include in depth information on characters and universe including reference guides, character sheets, and other information that can be used to keep the world consistent, including advance information about plot elements that haven't been revealed yet, and in depth details that normally won't be mentioned in the course of the comic. This will also be where you can access sketch day for $5 and above patrons. This post is public, for all to see, because I'd like to welcome anyone considering supporting AntiBunny, but this blog will usually be patron only material, as a way of rewarding those who chip in to the comic. By the time the Patreon goes live, you should see more material here, as an immediate reward for your support. I'll try to include some free material as well such as update announcements, and other public material. Thanks to everyone who loves and supports AntiBunny, and my other comic works. I hope together we can make this thing take off.
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