Welcome to C.O.T.I.
Hello all,

First of all thank you so much for coming to our page. Our goal more then anything is to bring you content that blows your mind and causes you to ask questions of the world we show. C.O.T.I. is a project that has become a dream and a lifeswork. Our team is hard at work to bring you the best artwork we can offer. Above is a picture of our main character Fate Andrews and a mysterous young boy named Jac. This is just a teaser of what we have to show you in the coming months. Please remember any comment or feedback can be just as helpful as a donotion. We understand that you work hard for all you have as we do. However we extend our hands to you and offer you a chance to join this adventrue with us as we grow. Welcome to C.O.T.I. the Game has begun!!!

You can find more at facebook.com/creaturesoftheimagination

Artwork above done by our artist Ser.