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I know it's been a while. As some of you know, I've had my head down on some intense deadlines over the last month (and I'm still not out of the woods on them yet). I also went to ground for a bit when my 19-year-old cat Lao passed. He was one of my oldest friends, and the inspiration for the Cap'n Cat mini-comic Anne and I made a few years back. I'm really going to miss that grumpy old cuss.

Despite the intensity of the past 30 days, I've managed to make some headway on the next Boulder and Fleet story. I've just finished the outline and it looks like it's going to be a 24-page story tentatively titled "A Friendly Game," in which our heroes stop at a cafe for a cake break.

I'm toying with doing something incredibly stupid. I'm very tempted to try to thumbnail the story in the next 2 weeks and go straight to inks on bristol over the month of October for the Inktober 30-day challenge. The goal would be to ship a page almost every day of October here on Patreon, posting only snippets of the pages on social media to play along with the rest of the Inktober participants.

I combed through my ETP from last October and saw that my Inktober sketches cost me between 45 minutes to an hour each. Now, if I treat my thumbnails as loose pencils (and my thumbnails can be rather tight), I should be able to ink a page on paper in about an hour--at least ink it as cleanly as I did the (Some) Fish Don't Have Teeth mini-comic.

How bad could it be to have to pencil and ink a page a day for a graphic novel, teach 4 days a week, host a bi-weekly podcast, and take on this extra challenge? I mean, I was going to do Inktober anyway, right?

I'm going to take the weekend to try to talk myself out of it. But as Rob and I discussed on a recent Extra Lean podcast, learning new things can be incredibly addicting.

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