Welcome to the Earl of Oxford's Players
Should you choose to become my patron, you will become part of a de Vere tradition that dates back to the 14th century, during the reign of Edward III. A touring troupe of actors, minstrels, musicians, and tumblers was first employed by my ancestor John de Vere, the 7th Earl. Succeeding Earls continued to patronise the company, which took on their benefactors' name. Lord Oxford's Men reached their zenith under my own patronage and my (very) active involvement, during the 1580s. They played for Elizabeth's royal court, at Blackfriars in London, and on provincial tours throughout the Midlands.

You've probably seen or read some of the plays that I wrote for my Players. Don't let that false name under the titles fool you.

This Patreon account is an unrehearsed performance on a new stage. We'll do some improvisation to start with, until we figure out what works and what doesn't. It may sound odd to equate the Patrons with the Players, but there's a long history in the theatre of giving roles to those who've helped bankroll the productions. Or to their mistresses.

Welcome, and I hope you decide to play along.