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I have no idea what i'm doing with this?
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Dollara Hollera!
$1 or more per month
A super sincere thank you!
Chatty Chat
$2 or more per month
A super sincere thank you!
  • Access to my Hangout video chats!
  • Plus all previous rewards
Oopsy Bloopsies
$5 or more per month
A sincere thank you via a shout out in a  video! 

Or if you prefer, a private message. Contact me if you prefer to be anonymous 
Exclusive behind the scenes and bloopers!
Plus all previous rewards

VIP Early Access and credits in my videos
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  • Access to videos early releases
  • Your name in the end credits of my videos
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$14,999 or more per month

  • Enjoy a wonderful dining experience at one of my favorite restaurants. (Your treat)
  • I will dress up in a weird costume and we will go to walmart and you can photo me there so I can get on the peopleofwalmart site.
  • I will write an awful poem for you and  read it to you awkwardly.
  • We'll go to a park and do weird silly (but absolutely nonsexual) things.
  • Plus all previous rewards
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