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If reading and writing are your favorite hobbies. If you are on a mission to take the perfect notes, and you enjoy the stimulating sensation of a sharp pen as it scratches across the page. if you think that the best art is written in the oldest books, then you are going to love Calligraphy. Here at Calligraphy Life our mission is to guide you deep into the wonderful world of Calligraphy, by helping you sponsor a wide variety of Calligraphy artists.

Patreon makes this all possible by helping us raise funds securely, as well as giving us a platform where we can publish and stay connected with our community. Patrons for this campaign pledge a small monthly donation, that we in turn can use to sponsor our artists' creations.

Our patrons get exclusive access to our "patrons only" posts, and you can even choose what you want to see more of by deciding which reward level to support. The "Novice" level supports all of our basic Calligraphy posts, while the "Disciple" level sponsors more calligraphy Gifs. Our "Expert" level patrons support the creation of more Calligraphy videos, and patrons on our "Master" level are sponsoring the production of Calligraphy articles, so we can all learn more about Calligraphy together.

If you are interested in what Calligraphy Life has to offer consider becoming a patron today, and start enjoying the many years of quality entertainment that Calligraphy can bring into your life. Only on Patreon.com/Calligraphy.

Originally Published on Apr 15, 2017 


Asiya is a freelance spokesperson on Fiverr. You can find her at Fiverr.com/asiyabasimah. She is not a member of this campaign, but we were able to hire her with funds that you helped us raise here. Thank you.


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