Welcome to my Brain
Writing this title...I now have a new song in my head...DIBS!!! TOTAL DIBS!!!

Anyway, I love to create things (as you have seen and read)<--and redundant!  So, along the way I will post my blog posts on here for you to follow from my website and some special Patreon only blog content (free and pledged!) to encourage and build the Patreon community.


Great descriptive traits for my thoughts right? It fits because most of the time I say or write what's on the ole noggin first than cross my fingers that I didn't misspeak, outrage or offend anyone, make a complete fool of myself, etc. but I swear I have the best intent and meaning behind what I say or share...unless you irk me...then...I don't haha. We're all human right!?

Where I am at with my gaming development endeavors are as follows: it's going slowly but surely and GREAT! I am loving the experience of making this game and mod and I am really looking forward to the future. I have two games going on at once: 

1. is a Skyrim mod and I build and write the stories and quests and such at the same time.

 2. A Unity Engine game that the story is in development first and then the development later (due to funding) 

Fun fact about the Skyrim mod, it's a storyline that will be in the Unity game that is in development. That is a Patreon exclusive so you have heard it here first, folks!

I try to stream regularly and since I've joined Patreon, I will provide exclusive behind the scenes, take some votes on stories and gameplay, VIP beta access, include  YOU in the process and hopefully the successes! 

So here's to the future. May we get what we work for and not what we deserve!