Welcome to my Art Studio!

Every artist has their own place for creating. 

Many have their own spacious studios, a nook in the corner in some bigger room or they work in rented space. Some even work outside in various locations. 

For me, it's an Art Den!

I call this my post engine. 

It's on the right side of my Art Den. 

It's where I handle all of my orders. It is not vary spacious, but works for me just fine! (Trying to get some Zen from that Pretty Buddha!)

Left side of my Den is dedicated for the creation process.

As you notice, I'm working on a new acrylic piece right now. Easter is coming up and I want to create a super cute piece that will eventually be turned into a postcard. 

A bookshop is already waiting for it to arrive, so better hurry up but NOT mess up! 

Do you feel like haste enables mistakes? 

I do! That's the reason I always pause the painting process immediately if I feel like my nerves are about to get me!

Sometimes I paint the whole base before committing to a piece (like on this one) but sometimes I plan the creation from start to finish without making any moves before all decision are made! 

For me, both intuitive and planned creation works. Intuitive way takes up more acrylics in the process, but planned creation takes up way more time. Which one do you prefer in your own artistic process?

Well, wish me luck on this one! I'll keep you posted about this Easter Child of mine!
Puss och Kram <3 

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