Welcome to my Patreon!
Thanks for checking out the page! If you stay tuned, you will be able to see comic after comic fresh from the source. Along with the comics, there will be sketches, random illustrations and whatever else I can think up that is behind-the-scenes. The comics will be free on the main page, but to get the rest, you have to become a patron!

As opposed to Kickstarter, which gathers money for a one-time goal, Patreon allows a patron to give an amount every set amount of time. For my Patreon page, for instance, you can become a patron at $1, $5, $15, or $50. This patronage is paid at the beginning of every month, and the higher the commitment, the greater the rewards, such as illustrations, prints and the aforementioned behind-the-scenes access! I urge you to contribute what you can afford per month. You can increase or cancel whenever you feel it is necessary. But, the longer you stick with me, the more I can progress as an artist. Become a Patron today!