Welcome to my "studio."
This is the studio space I'm hoping to move out of with your help.  

Right now I'm working out of my home and this is my studio. The whole space I have to work in is this table and a chair next to it.  There's no storage and no room to set up.  I do my framing in the middle of the floor; it's the only space large enough.

The area you see sits right smack in the middle of the traffic flow between the front door, the back door, the bedrooms, the kitchen/dining area, and the family room.  Footsteps on the staircase sift dust onto drying adhesives and glazes, while people passing through bump into artwork creating nicks and scuffs on finished pieces or accidentally brushing unglued work to the floor.

To work on anything larger than a postcard, I have to clear everything to the kitchen table and  move it all back before the next meal.  Less frequently used supplies — spare canvases and mat board, drawing and painting materials, my magazine and catalog stash, framing supplies, etc. — are squirreled in various places throughout the house.  Sometimes when I can't remember which bed I stashed them under I end up needlessly re-purchasing supplies I already own.

All I need is 120 square feet of dedicated space to store all my supplies within reach, work without interuption, and protect my work from accidental damage.