Welcome to my team! ...and THANK YOU!
I figure that perhaps I should share a bit more about myself:

I'm originally from rural New Orleans, as it was called when I was born. Now, it's called the Greater New Orleans area. I grew up in Little Farms, Louisiana, which later became known as River Ridge.  If we drove on River Road (which follows all the curves and bends of the mighty Mississippi), it took us about 35 minutes to get into the heart of downtown New Orleans. My! How I love that city!

I realized how much I loved to draw (and that I was pretty good at it) when I was in the 5th grade. At first, my parents were happy about that, and they bought me one little book on how to draw in order to encourage me. They both worked hard, but there wasn't a lot of extra money--so for them to buy me one book was a big deal. 

Later on, I took 4 years of Art at Riverdale High School. A dear friend, who was like a 2nd mother to me, was a creative soul. She transported me back and forth from Tole painting lessons given by a lady named Colleen Rongey.  OOOOoooo, painting was FUN!

I wanted to go to college and get an Art degree. My mama became unhappy about that, and said that I would never make a living as an artist. She made me to go a college in Texas that had no Art Department. So, I drifted from being a Biology major to a Music major to an Elementary Ed major minoring in both Science and Music, lol. I ran out of money to keep going to college. I did earn an Associate of Arts Degree from East Texas Baptist University--but then I had to return home. 

I worked at a local lumber company called Hill-Behan as a cashier. It was during that time that our country was in the throes of the Iran Hostage Crisis. I decided that I could join the US Air Force and save up funds to get back to college while serving my country, so I did!

I met my soon-to-be husband at Offutt AFB, NE-- 2nd Lieutenant  William Bobb. "Life" took over, and I didn't do much art anymore--until I was a Cub Scout Den Mother when our son was in the 2nd grade. Our Pack needed a backdrop for the Scout Show, and I timidly raised my hand when the Pack Leader asked, "Anyone here with some artistic ability that can help us?" 

I painted a huge 18' x 6' mural on newsprint using tempera paint. It was SUCH fun...I remember saying to myself, "Why did I ever stop making art?" So, I joined the Longmont Artists' Guild in 1993. I painted and did other creative projects over the years while our kids were growing up, but I was not painting regularly.

I longed to paint full-time, and I would day-dream about it at work. I was a bank teller at a busy drive-up here in Longmont, Colorado. Then came the day when I received my cancer diagnosis. I was told by the surgeon that I had 6 to 12 months if I did not do chemo. That was a day that changed my life forever!

I will skip all the yucky stuff and briefly say that I refused chemo. I saw an alternative doctor who radically changed the way I eat and put me on some natural therapies to fight cancer. I relied heavily on my faith in God to help me through this new journey in my life, and I give Him all the credit. So, here I am 10 years later.

As I said on my homepage, I have been taking different types of art classes and workshops over the past 9 years, and I've also been working hard to learn the business side of art. I've won some local awards, and I've been juried into both state and national shows. I've been encouraged by that. 

Now, I'm working diligently to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a professional full-time artist. Thank you sooo much for helping me achieve my goals! 

By-the-way, this is the first "selfie" video I have ever made. How do you think I did? I would love your input...thanks!