Welcome to my studio...
If you're curious about my abstract art and art-making process, you're in the right place.  Is this Patreon business weird?  Yeah.  I'm conflicted about monetizing the behind-the-scenes stuff and turning my art into products.  But it occurs to me that not everyone is into buying art or hanging abstract paintings on their wall.  I have so much more to offer ;)  

When it comes to visual art, is the creative process more exciting to you than the actual product?  All of my supporters will gain access to exclusive posts that focus on my art practice.  

If you like more functional items, some of my supporters will receive rewards such as pins, patches, handmade indigo dyed items and more.  

Big spenders are invited to sign up for a fresh piece of original artwork every month!

This is an experiment, so bear with me as I figure out what works and what doesn't.  Thank you for your support!