Welcome to my Patreon HQ. Here is a little bit about me.
I am from a small town, the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart, Indiana, Pa. I started playing music when I was sixteen years old. My mother, Tracey, bought me my first guitar, and I promised her I would practice if she got me one. I did. 

I play out solo, duo, and with a band. I own/operate a music venue. I excel at offering professional Stage Audio & Lighting services. I'm broke :)

Currently I am relocating to Pittsburgh, Pa. I will be macro-managing my venue, and focusing on playing more music in the city. When I am not writing, practicing, or performing I will be working in city venues, and making music 100% of my career.

I look forward to updating my path on my Patreon HQ. Come along on the journey. Everything I have release responsibility for will be released here first!

Thank you, and hope you enjoy. Give feedback anytime!