Welcome to my new Patrons: A post only for new people who subscribed in October
I’ve been sick for the past two days, was teaching yesterday, and am out for medical stuff for my husband this morning, so I won’t get to the computer until later today. I’m typing this one handed with my phone as my pup is sleeping on the other arm! She keeps bumping the screen with her nose, which is adorable but slightly annoying...

The e-zine to which Maggie from Formulator Sample Shop is referring was the $10 reward for September. It is no longer available for download as of midnight September 30th.

What I could offer is this...

1. I can issue you last month’s e-zine today, but you wouldn’t be eligible for this month’s e-zine, which would be issued after the 23rd of October. This could get complicated, but it does mean you’d get something today.

2. I can put the September e-zine up for sale, and give all $10 subscribers a discount on that or any other e-zine of choice for the month of October. (If you have all the e-zines, we could figure something else out.)

What do you think? Please share your thoughts if you have other ideas.

I'm working really hard to find a solution that's fair for everyone, but what I'm seeing so far is really upsetting. I'm seeing people giving me pretty awful feedback to Patreon and deleting their pledges, when I haven't done anything wrong. Please be kind. I give everything I can to this Patreon feed and the blog, and I'm trying my best.