I'm a storyteller.  I'm also a guy who cares about people and the world.  I do much better work when I can focus on that work.  I have the ability to see through the noise--to the actual base problem.  I'm the kind of guy who doesn't see Batman as a good guy, but as someone who Republicans would adore.  Think about it--he's a rich white dude who dresses up like a wild animal every night, goes out, and beats up criminals (many of whom are black).  Isn't that kind of what American foreign policy is like?  Anyway, so I'd see Batman as a good guy if he spent some of his riches on community centers, educational programs, and other plans that would help stem the flow of people into a life of crime in the first place.

Another thing I do is try to remind us of our morals.  I'm an atheist, so I believe anyone can have morals and anyone can be void of them.  It seems to me that quite a few people running things in America have forgotten their morals.  Along with folks in law enforcement and corporate America, too.  Well, through my blogging, my writing, and my comic strips, I am trying to remind us about being moral people--not just good Americans, but good citizens of Earth.

Help me keep doing this.  Any amount helps and I'll be adding new perks (incentives/prizes/etc) to make it worth your while.  Please give me a hand as I help to save the world.  When you help me help save the world, you help save the world, too.


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