Welcome to a new year!
Hi folks,

Marnie Gucciard took this picture of me showing off my braided hair that

the amazing Mary Bertke crafted for me at GAFilk. I was tipping my head down to show the top of the braid, and thus adopted the somewhat quizzical expression you see here. Mary Bertke can balance swords on her head, belly dance, parkour like a boss, sing beautifully, playbanjo, knit socks, and braid hair with great artistry. And isn't that a great tee shirt?

Ookla the Mok is clever, hilarious, and packed with rocking nerdy music genius.

Rand Bellavia of Ookla the Mok and Erin Bellavia (BEHOLD, EVIL VELMA!) rocked the house Friday night at GAFilk as Concom's choice. Thanks to them I've been singing Jesus Christ Superstar pretty much non stop since I've been back.

I . . . I think I might be somewhat recovered from a FANTASTIC GAFILK this past weekend! This superb filk convention, lately held in the Crowne Plaza Airport hotel near ATL is my home convention and my first ever filk convention. It's what got so much of this started. I met so many nice people--musicians, listeners, writers, crafters, and (of course) combinations of those identities that really inspire me to write and perform better and try new creative avenues with my own art.  GAFilk is officially a relaxacon, but I work harder there than I do any other convention. And I love it.

I transcribe and edit the GAFilk songbook, while my husband, Wesley does layout and proofs like a boss. (The word "kerning" is uttered so often during this time.) The songbook always teaches me something new.  Sometimes it is an interesting trick in Finale, sometimes it is something more defuse--like a better way to convey the essential information about someone's song or instrumental composition that will make sense and be aesthetically appealing to the songbook recipient.

The other big thing that consumes me at GAFilk is the banquet performance. I am music director of Play It With Moxie, a bodacious, talented, hard-working, awe-inspiring group of musicians that I love and learn so much from every year we put our twenty-five songs together for a Saturday night of dancing and listening. And we are so fortunate to have an enthusiastic, discerning, delightful group of filkers that come out to enjoy our music. And some of these lovely people offer suggestions for songs to cover in the future.

For example, Dave Weingart suggested "Demon Kitty Rag" composed by Mats Rybø and performed by Katzenjammer on their album Le Pop. And it is probably going to show up on our setlist for a few years as it is a delicious delicious challenge  to sing and play.

Anyway, man, I am excited about writing and recording some new songs for 2016!

PLEASE, SUGGEST SOME IDEAS. I'm still working on some the excellent ideas that Paul Goode gave me. (Very nice seeing you at GAFilk, Paul!)

Finally, here a couple of additional things coming up that might interest you here on Patreon.

1) I'm heading to Mystic Fig Studio in March to finish recording my bits on my next album, Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour.

2) In APRIL, I plan to launch a kickstarter for this musical exploration into mythology and the passage of time! (And any suggestions for reward tiers would be listened to eagerly. Seriously! Tell your thoughts . . .your hopes . . .  your dreams of soft tee shirts, glossy posters, and other swaggy goodness.)

3) Those of you going to Conflikt who asked me if I was going this year and I told no? Um . . . well. . .  I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!! (with the help of a couple of friends.) So yeppers, I'm bringing my clarinet and coming out to Conflikt! I am so excited to see you, hear some great music, and drink coffee!  <3 <3 <3