Welcome to our Patreon page!
So here we go! We launched our Patreon. 

Here is a glimpse of what you would get when you become our patron. 

$5 pledges

You'll have the possibility to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter in which we give project updates once per month. We will talk about everything related to our main comic Fragments of History, but also give you links to all our publications related to other projects, like the other comics and illustrations done by Candice.

We will also give you access to sneak peeks of our "behind-the-scenes", with photos of our work-in-progress, bonus drawings, character design and time-lapse videos of Candice's comics and illustrations, like the one in our page description, when the drawings are digitally made!

$10 pledges

In addition to all the previous rewards, you will have sneak peeks of what is in Candice's sketchbook, and also see photos and/or videos of the objects and locations that will appear in the story. You will have the chance to listen to the podcasts occasionnally recorded by Christian too!

You will also receive one postcard per month via mail, with one of Candice's illustrations! Do not forget to give your address when you subscribe to that reward, and update us if you move to a new address. Postcards will be sent after the 1st week of the month, after your pledge has been processed by Patreon. 

$25 pledges

In addition to all the previous rewards, you will receive some goodies illustrated by Candice via mail with your postcard. It could be stickers, a patch, printed fabric, an enamel pin, a seasonal greeting card (which you can use and send to someone)... 

Also, you will get early information about the scenario. You will also be informed of the discoveries made during our research and how they may impact the storyline. 

Every other month, Candice will also publish step-by-step tutorials : have you ever wondered how she made these funny animated characters in her videos? What's her technique to draw on photos? You'd love to learn tips and tricks to draw on your tablet or in Photoshop ? She will share all her secrets with you!

Last but not least, send your photo to Candice and she will draw you an avatar! It could be watercolour or digital, in any case she will send you the HD file so you can use it on any social network you want, or even have it printed if you'd like. Please note that this is a one-time reward, and we're talking about a quick sketch avatar, not a caricature. 

$50 pledges

In addition to all the previous rewards, Candice will mail you an original signed piece of art

It will usually be a small format - usually no bigger than 8" x 10" (about 20 x 25cm), and it could be a watercolor illustration, a linocut print, a signed print of one of her digital drawings... The choice of the medium is yours, but the choice of the illustration will be made by us, as we do not take commissions yet. 

You will receive one piece of art per month, as long as you will subscribe to that pledge. It will be sent after the 1st week of the month, after your pledge has been processed by Patreon.