Welcome, to The Probe Droid

Star Wars is special to everyone in its own way. For some, it has unlocked their imagination. For others, it has helped them get through difficult times. Regardless of your reasons, we are ALL Star Wars fans!

With The Probe Droid, I want to bring not only the latest and greatest in Star Wars to you, fellow Star Wars fans; but I want to explore the Star Wars mythos as deep as I can go.

So, I’ve already got some plans laid out. Every Monday will be #MemeMonday, where I want go focus on fun Star Wars memes. Tuesdays will be #TriviaTuesday, where I’ll share as much unknown and surprising Star Wars Trivia.

Fridays will be #ForceFriday, where I’ll choose a Star Wars video game and create content around that game. Stills, vids, trivia, reviews. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everyday I’ll provide Star Wars news and commentary on the new movies and shows.

And of course you: The Probe Droid will only exist for as long as you are interested. I want to build a passionate and strong Star Wars community (amongst the thousands already out there).

So, hit that follow button and let’s explore Star Wars together! Thank you, and let’s have some fun!