Welcome to the Myotherapy Reading Room - Introduction & Topic List

Over the coming days, weeks, months and years subscribers to this feed (patrons) can expect to find a growing curated feed of links to topical peer-review papers, podcasts, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines along relevant media reports and other items of interest to practitioners who see musculoskeletal pain and injury presentations, including chronic pain.    

Each month the Myotherapy Reading Room will feature patron-only links to topic-related peer-review papers and podcasts and systematic reviews / clinical practice guidelines, together with recent and/or topical items on other musculoskeletal topics.    In this way we hope to ensure that a variety of topics are covered over the year.    The themes that the Myotherapy Reading Room will feature monthly are as follows: 

  • January - Back pain 
  • February - Elbow, wrist and hand issues 
  • March - Chronic pain
  • April - Hip issues 
  • May - Pregnancy and post-natal issues 
  • June - Ankle and foot issues
  • July - Sport and occupational injury 
  • August - Shoulder issues 
  • September - Underlying rheumatologic and/or neurologic conditions  
  • October - Knee issues 
  • November - Rehabilitation, exercise and movement 
  • December - Headache, neck and jaw issues

In addition to items on the monthly topic,  additional papers and/or reviews on other aspects of musculoskelatal pain and injury management are included from time to time  that a wide range of interests are reflected.