Welcome to San Guin

FEINT is my paranormal neo-noir world brimming with ghosts and affiliated demons, a bevy of witches, shady magicians, machete-wielding santeras, hypnotic street corner drummers, and the Color Man, patron saint of Krylon kids everywhere. It takes place in the neon desert city of San Guin in a near-but-considerably-cooler future.

I want you to be a part of it.

How It Works

Read "The Dead Withheld," the first story in the FEINT universe as it is uploaded here in weekly installments beginning February 1st. 

In 6 months (JULY) I'll hold a drawing of names from the $10+ tiers for three new character slots in the FEINT universe. Each winner will send me a bit about themselves that I will work into their own 500-1000 word feature as a character living in San Guin. And I will drop these stories monthly until it's time to do the next drawing for another three characters.

  • Additional character slots will open as stretch goals are reached
  • The more months you are a patron, the more entries you have in the drawing. (So if you've been a patron for 3 months at or above the $10 level, you have three entries into that round's drawing.)

As the universe grows, I hope this community will as well. You'll be helping keep me accountable to writing at regular intervals, and I get to build a neat little world with you.

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