Welcome to Self Discovery Radio

I am excited to be here, Why? Because I know that we have some
awesome inspirational radio shows that will change your life.

I have the honour every week of interviewing global people
from all walks of life who are making a big difference in the loves of others.
Some it is their life’s story that touches our hearts, others it is the wisdom
that enlightens us, and some their tools that help us on our life’s journey.

Each week with new shows we discover more about our selves
and what is really happening in the world that is uniting us and guides us
through this maze of life. There is so much love and spirit out there, so much
awakening to life’s possibilities, when we know why we learn how and then we
can take action in our own lives.

Will 1700 shows in our library, we have every thing from
health to wealth to spirit to heart to business to sensuality to global
concerns, just come and cruise around and see what fits your needs.  

Come see  who we have on  air for you this week 



Sara Troy