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From The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, page 221:

"Heat" is the most common way to translate the Egyptian word Shomu, the name given to the third season of the ancient year. It is possible that this word is the ultimate root of the English word summer. Whether or not that can be proven, both Shomu and summer refer to a season of warmer temperatures and slower days.
Shomu contains fewer festivals than the other two seasons, but there are several large, important national festivals...the Beautiful Feast of the Valley and the Festival of the Beautiful Reunion. In the Valley Festival, people gathered on the Nile's western bank at Thebes to visit the eastern bank necropolis and sleep overnight with their ancestors in the tombs, as the gods of Thebes - Amun-Ra, Mut, and Khonsu - also went to the necropolis to bless the dead. During the Beautiful Reunion, one entire city sailed to another in festival: the people of the city of Edfu and their god Horus journeyed downstream to the city of Dendera and their goddess Hathor, for a multi-week wedding celebration.

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