Welcome to the show!
 We understand that it's hard to part with your hard earned money, but as I'm sure all of you know it's even harder to make a dream come true. It's simple the more money we raise more product we can give you. We will be putting out deleted segments, preshow and post show insanity, special episodes you can't find on the website, and as things get rolling all new segments like out in the world with A Little Punch Drunk. We are already holding on to the blue collar commentary from Vintage Wrestlings last event, and a behind-the-scenes roadshow before Rambo hits Atlanta for Moshi Moshi Productions "Necrosis 2.0" for Walker Stalker Conventions official after party on Halloween. So is going to be plenty of good stuff coming your way all we need is a little help. So please share share share and let's make this punch drunk dream a reality!