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Welcome to the Suck
So this is gonna be a long and fairly interesting, but possibly problematic series, mainly because it's a topic that can go in so many different directions. Focus will be hard to keep, since everything is going to be interesting. However, even focused the trap is falling into the smaller details that come with it.

I think the challenge will be to define 'performativity', especially through lineages of identity versus language. Hell, even then it's probably naive of me to make that distinction, since some performances flat out depend on language to be performative (Austin's for instance).

I'm using 'the Suck' dramatically because I don't think it's a particularly 'winnable' subject. Those who aren't familiar with performativity will probably think I'm hugely overreaching, whereas those whom are will probably think I'm not going far enough / I'm using the wrong lens.

Overall, it's gonna be interesting.