Welcome to to-morues land! :)
Salut les morues!! :)

I am just out of one intense week of Sziget festival where I've had to deal with a very challenging mission I gave myself: 

Have fun with my friends like I would normally do, but add funny and useful camera instants through the whole day to share that fun and some pro festival tips with the rest of you guys.

This has proven quite difficult but also very rewarding as I discovered that I was capable of creating and uploading one 10 minutes quality video per day even though I went to home at 4am and had to start editing for 3 to 5 hours each day.

There is still one more video coming for the Sziget festival and right after that, the Thailand vlogs will start back. Unfortunately (or not) I have to go back to reality a little bit and work my other job today and the few days to come.

I am a software engineer, with my own business, who works with amazing customers all around the world. I hope that one day I can use both my technical and communications skills to make millions of people's days better, with a smile on top of it!

Anyway thank you so much for reading, and for watching my videos. Whether or not you can donate money is not important, you can also support me by liking the videos, sharing them on social medias, subscribing to my YouTube, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.