Welcome To The Zone: The Reboot, Part One
OK, Patreon People, here's my next big comics project, which turns out to be an old comics project: a reboot of my 1995 graphic novel WELCOME TO THE ZONE. Those of you you have been with me a while may remember that some time ago I posted new versions of pages from the book, rescanned from the original art and reformatted, with new balloons and lettering. I only got up to page nine before I moved on to other stuff, but today I'm returning to the project, which is more topical than ever now that the real-life model for "Ronald Duck" has been elected President of The United States. Today I'm reposting those first nine pages in one image, and my plan after this is to post two pages a week until the book, which runs around sixty pages, is finished. After that, I'll reassess- I'm working on a script for a sequel that would be about the adventures of President Ronald Duck, and if there is enough interest, I'll serialize that story following this one. 

Next installment: https://www.patreon.com/posts/welcome-to-zone-16479081