Welcome Zings to all of you who signed until June 4 inclusive!
I can't upload the pictures individually in one post here, and I don't want to spam you, so I uploaded the pictures to my facebook page, in the link below!


Please feel free to download the image, print it, share it, upload it to your facebook, tag me or whatever!

I finally was able to finish Powergirl for this occasion! This cosplay was made in a total of 8 hours, I broke my own record of a cosplay that looks good + really fast made. I feel my skills as a seamstress are improving!  And it is made in remaining materials from other cosplays... the gloves, boots and belt are made of 3 different types of fabric; I love when I am able to re-use the materials that I save "just in case" :)

I hope you like these zings and remember, send me a message when your b-day is near, and I will make a Happy B-Day zing for you, no matter in which tier you are : )

Thank you!