Well hello there fellow life hackers....
How are you? How is your exercise? How is your sleep?...and what about your resilience levels? As you know we are in the final podcast episodes of our 

'Great apple pie stop procrastination challenge" ; a 14 day challenge exploring ways to reduce procrastination. In fact moments ago I just loaded # 38 to Itunes....the final in the series is # 39 which will be loaded by Monday. The whole series starts at 24 and goes to 39.

I am still working on my app( No I am not good at tech!)I am getting there.

I have lined up three interviews...one with the amazing Dimitri of massageasmr exploring the meaning of life...one with the dynamic talented Hailey of whispering Rose talking about benefits of living the Vegan way and one with earth mother Tara looking at the meaning of chakras and healing ourselves using the powers of the universe. 

Here is the podcast link. 

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