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Well, hello there, LVM.
LVM... Linux's Logical Volume Management. Even the name is nerdy. Wait till you hear what it does! I even tried to describe it in lay speak but found Kelsey's eyes glazing over.

Starting this week, we're looking at how to setup LVM, how to resize volumes, how to create new volumes, and ultimately, how to perform snapshot backups! With this outstanding method, you can backup anything you like, at any time. Anyone who has ever tried to backup a virtual machine or a MySQL database knows: you can't always do backups if the system is running! And since we don't like to have to turn off services at any time unless absolutely necessary, let's learn to use LVM so we can run our backups entirely on the fly, even while those systems continue to chug along.

Wow, it was even a mouthful to type!

So, you have an iPhone and hate it when the battery dies? We've got an iPhone case that gives you up to 50 hours of extra battery life. Yeah... not a typo!

Jeff brought his 3D glasses, so get yours ready as Category5 jumps into anaglyph mode for the first time ever... for about 10 seconds.

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