Well it's something, at least
Hey darling Patrons,

I will have a new song for you next Tuesday, I promise. It would have been this Tuesday, but my recording computer required endless updates. Eventually I'll be able to move the recording software over to my nice, new, functioning computer but until that day all of the going is SLOW. 

However, something internal has clicked and my creativity is plugging along at a nice steady pace (and there is much rejoicing). So there should no longer be long breaks in between songs.  I have a plan, and I am executing the plan, and the plan is good.

In the mean time, I've started this video series called Dumb Down for Naught which is all about having conversations about culture, society, and psychology, and maybe even life purpose sometimes.  Give it a watch and let me know what you all thing.


Abi/Allie LaRoe

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