Well, it's a start
Just a filksong to begin with.


Tune "SkyMall" by Jonathan Coulton

Inspiration: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Falkreath is nice around Last Seed

I park my horse and find the tavern, buy a mead, and look around

Got to go see the Jarl and find some work

Some jarls are nice but I think this one's a jerk

And he might be insane

But he'll make me his Thane


And I am playing in Skyrim

Where everything's quite grim

But there are great prizes to win

When I get to a cave and remember to save

Before I go barrelling in

I'm okay, 'cause I know that I'm playing in Skyrim

I rode to Helgen on a cart

And then some big black dragon tore the place apart and saved my head

Escaped with my life and found a friend

That was just the beginning, not the end

We have to let people know

And so to Whiterun I go


In Dawnstar, I helped destroy a skull that was giving folk nightmares

And then somewhere near Solitude, I prevented the Wolf Queen's reanimation...

It's not a life I'd want to lead

But there's a kind of freedom there I think I need from time to time

To be able to kill what makes you mad

To not be scared all the time, that can't be bad

Even just in a game

I'm glad it's just in a game