Well Lookie there!
Hello all.  The IndieGoGo page has NOT been successful so far, but I am going to have a fireside chat with someone tonight who wishes to co-sponsor the book. Which is amazing. I need some good vibes. I think it most def. will happen as this person has been great in helping so far, BUT with that said... I really do hope that it doesn't fall apart as it means NO UTMNT!!!

Either way though,The link I've attached here leads to eBay where there are 3 of 4 copies left of UTMNT Issue 1!


The first printing has been 25 copies, and we've had 6 available. 2 of them went as soon as I posted but bartered for more than I offered for on eBay so I took those down.  :)  but yeah, 4 left, until yesterday! Now only 3!!

I really sincerely hope you guys dig the book.  I know I love it. Eryck and Courtland love it too. We've worked so... so hard on it!

I hope after IndieGoGo comes back up that we can really start getting back to the old skool swing of things here. :)  Running a Patreon is a bit of hard work but I miss it a bit. :)  So let's get back to it, yes? YES!