Well the names have all changed since you hung around...
Dear former RVANews supporters and perhaps current Good Morning, RVA supporters,

It’s been a couple months since I shut RVANews down, and in that time I’ve kept up the Good Morning, RVA emails. It’s something I really enjoy doing and feel like a lot of folks enjoy reading. Plus, once you get up early for two years in a row it’s hard to stop—writing opinions and jokes has become part of my morning routine!

Now that things in my life have settled down a bit, I’ve decided to tweak the goals and rewards and turn this Patreon back on! Let me try and head off some FAQs at the pass:

  1. This Patreon account supports me, Ross Catrow. It’s not a path toward reviving RVANews. It’s not an attempt to create a new, Mirror Universe RVANews. It’s for folks to support Good Morning, RVA and its author (me) with money.
  2. I figured it would be easier for all involved to reboot this Patreon rather than starting a fresh one and forcing everyone to sign up again. My feelings will not be hurt if you pull your patronage. Here’s how to do exactly that!
  3. Most of the rewards you’ll recognize. Depending on your patronage level, you can still pick out longreads and ask me questions to answer in Good Morning, RVA. There is a new reward at the $20 level, which is me sending you a bag of RVA crap that we never got around to selling. Bittersweet!
  4. The goals are similar, too. At $200 I’ll start sending a patron-only Ross’s Five Thoughts and A Hope email. At $300 I’ll resume the Good Morning, RVA podcast.

This all starts on October 1st! If you are still a supporter at that point in time, your credit card will be charged. If you don’t want to be charged, de-patron yourself! I won’t think less of you! I’ll make sure to send out a reminder before the end of the month so that no one ends up accidentally paying.

Thanks for all of your support in the past and for all of your support moving forwards, you guys.