Well, this is a surprise
Posted this Patreon barely an hour ago and already I've got over $500/month in pledges! Holy crap!

I'll be posting the monthly short story and other rewards sometime this weekend. Just note that until we hit the $2000/mo goal, I won't be able to provide many newly-written stories or chapters, because -- well -- I can't give up the day job before that goal, and for the time being writing priority goes to Book 3 of the Broken Earth trilogy. However, I will be posting some unpublished short stories to start y'all off. These aren't trunked stories.  They're either works I drafted and put through my writing group but never got around to fully revising and sending out (life got ridiculously busy so fast that there was a period in which I simply gave up my short story career mid-stream), or else they're stories I sent out a few times but decided to tweak before sending out again. Again, I ran out of time to actually do said tweaking. Actually looking forward to feedback from you guys on this. I intend to send these stories out again.

I'll also work in some (uncopyedited) chapters from The Obelisk Gate, for those of you who JUST. CAN'T. WAIT.

In the meantime, to celebrate hitting such a high point so quickly, here's the "all my books together" image that's in the Patreon page banner, for everyone. I've noticed you can't see the whole thing on most browsers, and a couple of folks have asked about it. It's pretty large in terms of dimensions, but it's just a 361kb .jpg. Thanks, folks!

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