Well this sucks.
Hey, everyone! 

Lousy news! 

I am having issues with both of my hands shaking badly.  You can see it in the video at its absolute worst.  There is also a cat at the end, because I didn't want to be depressing.  (I hope I did the link right and you can see the video, because he's a giant nerd.)

My pharmacy switched suppliers on one of my generic medications. Apparently the new one was not breaking down and entering my bloodstream, sending me into cold-turkey withdrawal. Discontinuing it suddenly can have “neurological effects”. I believe the persistent tremor in my hands is one of those effects. 

It's especially bad in the video.  This was at the end of a very tiring day and I'd used my hand a lot.  It comes and goes a bit, and it's not usually this severe, but even on a good day I can’t reliably work around it, and I can't work for long.

I have avoided mentioning this for too long.  I try to be positive here and this is not a very upbeat thing to discuss. It also took me several weeks to figure out what was happening, and all that time it kept getting worse.

The good news is that now that the doctor and I have zoomed in on what we think is the cause, I can get to fixing it! I dug out a cache of my old prescription and will have a new generic on Tuesday. I have no timetable on this but I am confident I will mend. 

Even if the worst happens and this is permanent, I will learn to work around it somehow. Physical therapy, paint with my teeth, train a dog, time travel, mad science, something. Nothing takes my ponies away from me. 

N o t h i n g.

The withdrawal has also left me exhausted both physically and emotionally, but I am going to try to step up and keep providing you with content.  I’m going to do the work I can do.  Base-coating some ponies and photographing the ones you haven’t even seen yet. 

I beg your patience. This was nobody’s fault, it was just one of those things that happens sometimes when you're on meds, and I’m going to try to deal with it as quickly as possible. Please be patient with me. 

And, if you would spare them, I could use your good thoughts.  I’m 99% okay.  Also 1% kinda spooked. 

Thank you.

Love to you all.