Well well-Water we doin?

Right now Pegana Press is without water.  That is to say, Pegana Press is located in Mike and Rita's home and we are without water.

We live outside the city limits on a small homestead and share a local well in the community.   This causes problems whenever any work is done on the system and we wind up with changes in pressure, and debris in our pipes, including rocks.  You can imagine what it does to our plumbing.

A few days ago after the water had been shut off, out kitchen sink stopped working - probably something blocking the incoming water supply.  Yesterday, the bathroom tap developed a drip, which we could not shut off even under the sink.  The drip became persistent and then adamant until it was a trickle of hot water draining into our septic system.

Neither one of us has any plumbing experience, but we do know how to shut off the water to the house.  It seemed like the only solution until we get a plumber (good luck with that) or figure out how to change all these issues ourselves.

An endless round of fun.

Our solution for now, is to go out in the morning, turn on the water to the house, fill up containers for drinking/cooking water for us/water for the animals and fill up wash basins to wash hands in, then turn off the water until we need to restock.  We have a composting toilet system and know how to make the most of grey water.  We're thinking how lucky we are to have a source of water we can access right in our front yard, which saves us from packing water from the public community well 12 miles away.  And how lucky that our heat wave has abated and we now have cool temps and overcast skies, so the garden won't dry up.

The inconvenience isn't so much in not being able to live normally--we're adaptable, if nothing else.  But that in working with ink during the printing process necessitates the need for water to clean hands after.  (Mike has even come away from the press with ink on his nose a time or two.)  For now, we're working on a solution, which will probably be diy, since we haven't heard back from the plumber.  Yet another one of life's distraction to slow us down at Pegana Press.  Slow, but steady...