HEY! It`s my first day here, my first note here, and I`m so nervous. I always write, I`ve written my own stories since my fourteens and I will never give up! But I`m from Russia, and it means that it`s difficult here to publish your own book when you have absolutely nothing but texts. So I chose PATREON hoping that you, guys, will help me to reach my future goals, I hope for your support, because I also hope that you will enjoy my stories.

Well, yeah, they`re a little bit strange just because there are  discribed people in animals` body (Not the whole body, but heads and some other parts. It`s not a joke). I show a real character of heroes and their real spirit through discriptions of their actions, feelings, thoughts and some details of their appearance. There are no "only positive" or "only negative" characters in my stories, they`re real people! But yes, they have goat`s heads sometimes and goat`s horns.

You`re wellcome. Read. Enjoy. Support.

Your Sasha Zimmer, with love.