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went a little cookoo on this one.
Elastic Heart by Sia (cover by Jessica Allossery)

I don't know what's gotten into me!! LOL. I guess I must have been feeling wild when I recorded this. The treehouse makes you do funny things!

I have a confession. I have an Art crush on Sia. She has sooo much talent.

I really felt compelled to feel some of that art, soooo I made a cover!


This is what I came up with.

It's.... Different I would say.


No instruments. no changing angles moving the camera -- just moving myself... and the occasional barn cat.

I kinda had a lot of fun.

Tell me your thoughts!

Thank you for your support this month you amazing human beings!

You are truly one in a million.  

Actually if you want to be technical about it, you are one in 7.3 billion.


So many hugs!!!