Went to the ER Agian, Currently Resting.
 Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up as to what has been going on... I unfortunately took another trip to the ER for bad chest pains. Not as bad as the first time but still pretty bad and It did not go away for several days. (The two instances however seem completely, and ironically unrelated...) 

  Anyways they ran another EKG and a barrage of blood test to rule out heart attack, everything thankfully came back good as with the first time. Blood sugar too, so insulin is good.

  The ER doc however referred me to a secondary doctor to see within the next couple of days just to make sure they didn't maybe miss something. The secondary Doc I went to seemed to think my heart was too, very healthy. However the last 4 days I also have been very sick to my stomach... Again...

  So the non ER Doctor thought I either might of picked up some nasty food poisoning, or a particularly bad gastrointestinal bug. He believed the issue might be since I have been having stomach problems, as I sleep, acid has been coming up (Acid Reflux) and burning my esophagus. Not only that but It has been aspirating or dripping into my left lung and damaging tissue in it which has been causing the pain and pressure in that general area. 

  This actually makes a fair bit of sense as I have been waking up with a nasty acid taste in the back of my throat, and I sleep on my left side typically. He gave me a thing to take to help with the stomach acid issue and nausea I have been experienceing, along with a rescue inhaler (Yes I do have asthma, but it hasn't too bad since I was a kid and I never needed [Or technically refused to] take anything for it...) 

  But he gave It to me just in case I have any type of sudden severe reaction to what is going on. He also gave me an anti inflammatory to help reduce swelling in my lungs, and to help with the chest pain. So far I have just been taking the acid/nausea reducer and will try avoid using the other stuff if I can. But if I don't feel better soon I will take it and see how it helps. 

  The doctor made it very clear that all of the meds are only temporary for when I am sick, so regardless even if I do take them nothing is permanent. Only about 30 days, until I would run out (Excluding the inhaler.) Currently I am just relaxing and trying to feel better at this point.   

  That's about it, but a couple of quick notes one being I went to Port Huron Medical Center ER both times, and that the staff was extremely courteous and kind. The first time I even came in at about 1 in the morning but even after finding out that my heart was fine, the staff there continued to make sure they checked in on me constantly. And took any concerns of mine, very seriously. 

  The second thing Is I was actually surprised the latter time I went the ER, the doctor suggested I take melatonin which is an over the counter, natural sleep aid/relaxant. And when I inquired about using Valerian Root too which is used for about the same thing she suggested I should at least try it and see if it helps. 

  This was susprising to me as many doctors will instead try and prescribe synthesized pharmaceuticals, which don't get me wrong isn't always bad but they tend to be more addictive and have more side effects. So having a doctor actually recommend trying alternative medicine or homeopathy like that was a nice change of pace, and quite pleasantly  susprising. 

  Now I am typically skeptical about a lot of Alternative medicines but both Melatonin and valerian root have had quite a few studies done on them showing their potential effectiveness in the field. And me taking them has seemed to help with the Rapid Heart Rate I have been having while sick. And on top of that it seems to be helping me sleep a lot better at night which is especially nice as I have been having pretty bad insomnia for around a month now. 

  So that is pretty cool, the other thing that was nice is the secondary non ER doctor I went to was at the People's Clinic also in Port Huron which is a regular Doctors office with walk ins, but they also run Clinic days twice a week for people who are uninsured. The staff there was extremely kind, and helpful and the doc that I saw not only listened very thoroughly to what I had to say, but genuinely seemed concerned with helping me feel better instead of being very rushed like some doctors I've seen in the past. 

  And when I mentioned taking melatonin and valerian root, he didn't just dismiss it like a lot of doctors might, instead he inquired about whether or not it has been helping me. And suggested me continue to take it when I told him I do believe it has been. 

  So overall I have to say I am very impressed by the treatment I received in both the Port Huron Medical Center, and the People's Clinic also in port Huron. Definitely has been the best I have been treated in the medical system so far, and overall has made me a little less weary about going to the doc a little more regularly. 

  Speaking of weary of doctors diagnoses, that reminds me of a storyfrom a few years back of how I went to the doc after falling pretty bad on my knee during a basketball game and he diagnosed me with a minor sprang and gave me a crappy pull over bandage thing... 

  Found out later that I had not only dislocated my knee (Went back into place by itself.) But crushed my ACL and MCL Ligaments and Hyperextended my LCL, had multiple bone continuous and actually completely tore in half my PCL which is the typically harder to tear ligament in the back of your knee and one of the 4 primary ligaments needed to stabilize you knee.
  But I think that is a story for another day... 

  Anyways thank you guys for your patience as I recover, I can say without a doubt this has been the worst month of my life with everything that has been going on medically speaking (That is not an exaggeration, trust me.) But hopefully I will be better here soon and up for making more videos.